Mini Sites

Do You Need Mini Sites to Penetrate Your Market and Gain “Shelf Space”

Mini sites get the word out about your siteMini sites are very small, focused sites that can be stand alone for info product marketing, or they can be laser target sites on specific products that come from a larger ecommerce site.  They have a few uses:

  • Focused lead generation (landing or/squeeze pages)
  • Focused on one or two products only, digital or physical products
  • A small set of mini sites are good traffic generation systems for a larger “money” or “main site”

A mini site typically has less than 10 pages, and that includes common pages like about us, contact information, etc.  Some mini sites are only 1-2 page sites, with a landing page, a thank you page and perhaps a contact page.

Mini sites are used for various purposes from starting niche funnels, or pre-sales pages for affiliate products, to traffic generators. This is meant for a larger money site to achieve search engine domination.

Mini sites are relatively inexpensive and generally very easy to duplicate over many targeted niches or keywords in your marketing plan.

So Do You  Need a Mini Site?

In most cases, yes, you do.  If you have a business or website that has multiple products for sale, services, categories, etc, eventually each of those becomes its own mini site to generate laser target traffic back to your money site.  The reasons for the external mini sites is that they can be ultra focused for conversions and search engine optimization, where a larger all-in-one site has a variety of topics, versus one laser targeted topic/keyword.

Even though you develop one mini site at a time to start to get the system working, you can duplicate it,  changing the text and graphic, everything else is systematic. So they actually become less expensive each time you make them.

Contact us today to discuss if this t is the correct strategy for your business website.