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Product launches are a blast. They are fun, exciting and invigorating. At least that is what myself and my team think! To most people however, they are 2-3 months of ulcers, stress and worrying

Product Launch Consulting

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Whether you are launching a product or service for an existing business or just starting out form scratch with an info product, the launch process can seem unbelievably overwhelming. Even pre-launch and determining your market can be daunting. Pulling all the pieces together for a successful launch is like climbing a mountain for some people, especially if you have to do it all yourself.

We specialize in product launches because we have a very solid team of outsourcers, who each complete a piece of the puzzle, and then a project manager puts it all together and makes sure it happens.

We can help you even if you need everything panned from scratch, such as:

* Web design
* Logo
* Branding
* Bales copy-writing
* Product demo creation
* Beta testing system set up
* Follow up
* Video production
* Affiliate management or recruitment
* Putting the product together
* Market testing
* And more

If you have a lot of things in place but just need help getting over the hump and getting the ball rolling, we can help there as well and work with your existing resources and team to make your launch a success.

Contact us today to see how we can hep you with your product launch.